Modes of transport for transportation of joint cargoes

In selection of transport for transportation of joint cargoes, as well as in transportation of general cargoes, it will be useful for those, who use transportation services, to learn peculiarities of some or other type of international cargo transportations.

Several types of cargo transportations are distinguished; each of them has its advantages and disadvantages in transportation of joint cargoes.

Road transportations

Road transportations is the most widespread and efficient type of cargo transportations for small distances. Quick delivery of the cargo is determined by big mobility and speed of transportation, possibility to transport cargoes without intermediate transshipments, independence from the location of the consignor and consignee of the goods, from sea and river ports, from availability of big cities, railways tracks. Hereby it is expensive to use road transportations in case of cargo transportations for long distances, besides, they have restrictions on transportation of oversized cargoes.

Air transportations

Air transportations of cargoes are distinguished by high speed of delivery, have big coverage of the territory of application and considerable safety of the cargo. Air transportations of cargoes in some situations allow to ensure express delivery, the entire transport process can take 1-7 days. It is the most expensive, but the most efficient mode of transport in cargo transportations.

Railway transportations

Railway transportations are the most difficult type of transportation in organization, which requires a lot of time and efforts. This type of transportation requires document execution for all cases, one should adhere to many orders and rules. However container transportations are considered to be the most convenient method of delivery of cargoes. Standard sizes, universality and special character of containers are convenient for railway transportations; high safety of cargoes is ensured.

Marine transportations

It is expedient to use international marine transportations, when the time of delivery is not crucial and when the cargo has big volume and weight.

International delivery of the joint cargo by two or more modes of transports presupposes the service of inter-modal transportation (transshipment is not included) or multi-modal transportation (transshipment is included).

The level of significance of certain modes of transport in transportations of cargoes is different. It is determined by many factors:

  • Specific features of production and consumption:
    • placement and remoteness of production and consumption,
    • volumes,
    • seasonality and rhythmicity,
    • stability.
  • Peculiarities of transported cargoes:
    • terms of transportation of cargoes,
    • urgency of delivery of cargoes.
  • Capabilities of transport routes:
    • development,
    • availability, variation,
    • carrying capacity,
    • state.
  • Economic expedience:
    • Cost of transportations.

One can achieve significant efficiency of international cargo transportations, taking into account all complexity of works and a lot of details in the case, only with high level of organization of the transportation, which requires not only time costs, but great experience. Professionalism of the officers of the transport and forwarding complex “SI-TRANS” meets all requirements of the transportation services market. The material and technical base of “SI-TRANS” allows to introduce and to apply modern technologies in transportation of cargoes.

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