Stevedore services

стивидорные услуги

Professional activity of “SI-TRANS” holding includes provision of stevedore services, which represent execution and immediate control over quality of works on loading and unloading of vessels of different types and draught and stowage of cargoes under the deck or on the deck of the vessel.

“SI-TRANS” works with vessels on the basis of stevedore rules, which regulate the order of acceptance and handling of the cargo, interaction with the administration of vessels and the terminal.

We organize control over shipment of any commodity lot of our client:

  • compliance of the quality of the shipped products with the parameters, approved by the client;
  • photographing of samples of the shipped products;
  • video recording of loading of the container;
  • recalculation of packages with signing of the acceptance certificate;
  • control over compliance of packaging with the requirements of safe transportation of the cargo;
  • preparation of the loading scheme and control over its observation in the course of loading.

Stevedore and forwarding services include:

  • handling of containers in the port (removal and lifting), erection on the truck;
  • storage in the port;
  • payment of port fees;
  • execution of documents and release for pickup of the cargo;
  • customs support;
  • consolidation of cargoes on warehouse territories of the port;
  • shipment of containers and cargoes by the tented truck from the port;
  • if required, order of customs support and armed escort.

Competent organization and planning of works, high qualification of the personnel allow to handle your cargoes within tight schedule.

We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful

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