Search of the goods

"SI-TRANS" Group of Companies renders services to its clients on search of different goods in China and Europe.

Our representative offices offer:

  • marketing research on commodity items of interest for the client;
  • search and selection of optimal goods in respect of price and quality;
  • delivery of samples of the goods on the basis of the client’s task;
  • negotiations with suppliers;
  • execution of the foreign trade contract and transaction passport;
  • delivery of the goods from the supplier to the client’s warehouse.

Our significant work experience allows to offer developed and successfully used schemes of transportation. We are also ready to offer new routes at favorable tariffs.

If required, we can conduct analysis of the market and prices for the goods of interest for you.

There are professional translators on the staff of "SI-TRANS", which facilitates negotiations between the customer and the foreign company considerably. Thus, for example, our employees - natives of China, speaking Russian – will help to remove the language barrier in cooperation with the Chinese company; we can also assume negotiations with the Chinese party.

We can find and calculate for you the cost of any goods with delivery to your warehouse in Russia.

"SI-TRANS" expands its business and provides for crediting system the clients.

+7 (495) 981 85 85

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