Joint cargoes

Dealing with combination of lots of the goods, different in volume, the cargo consolidation service of "SI-TRANS" holding provides an opportunity for its customers not to think, how to deliver the cargo weighing from several kilograms to several hundreds tons.

Applying modern technologies in the field of cargo handling, using up-to-date technical facilities, specialists of the holding ensure the high level of organization of works at temporary storage warehouses, which are located on the main transport routes both in Asia and in Europe.

The duties of the officers of the department include:

  • acceptance of cargoes to temporary storage warehouses;
  • execution of control over the period of shipment of cargoes;
  • delivery of cargoes from temporary storage warehouses;
  • insurance of cargoes in custody;
  • execution of export and import documents;
  • closing of export declarations;
  • attraction of independent expert examination for determination of the quality of the cargo and its quantity (if required).

In close interaction with customs departments the cargo consolidation service executes customs clearance of cargoes on the territories of temporary storage warehouses.

Stability in work and high professionalism of the personnel of the consolidation service allows to reduce the Customers’ costs considerably, to protect them from needless concern, to observe the cargo shipment schedule from warehouses on different terms of transportation strictly, both “door-to-door” and on more widespread terms: CIF, CPT, FOB.

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