International transportations of joint cargoes

About advantages in details

International transportations of joint cargoes won recognition of entrepreneurs all over the world and in Russia, in particular, due to considerable advantages in transportation of small lots of the goods. Thus, our clients experienced economic benefit, promptness and safety of such a type of cargo transportations.

Each stage of transportation of joint cargoes – consolidation, international transportation by itself, customs clearance is executed by “SI-TRANS”, applying an exclusively professional approach. The quality of the service is determined by high degree of qualification and great experience of managers, administering cargo flows or technical condition of transport vehicles. An important role in organization of international transportations of joint cargoes is played by the fact that “SI-TRANS” uses the most up-to-date consolidation warehouses, which serves as a guarantee of high quality handling and storage of cargoes. Another important plus is that due to vigorous activity of our company and our clients, as well as tuned consolidation and transportation mechanism “SI-TRANS” is able to organize full loading of the truck or container rather quickly, thus ensuring prompt delivery of joint cargoes.

Transportations of joint cargoes are available by all convenient means of transport: road, railway, sea and air transport. Established partnership relations ensure safe air and sea transportations. “SI-TRANS” has a big proprietary fleet of various road transport, that is especially convenient for our clients, exercising foreign economic activity in Europe, as delivery of joint cargo from Europe is the most beneficial in case of road transportations.

Thus “SI-TRANS” holding offers you to use the service of delivery of joint cargoes, financially beneficial for the Customer, if the lots of the goods do not exceed several hundreds kilograms. Officers of “SI-TRANS” are ready to assume all problems, accompanying the delivery of the cargo and to perform the work at the best level.

We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful.

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