Inter-modal transportations

"SI-TRANS" Group of Companies is an international transport and forwarding holding, carrying out inter-modal transportations to the place of destination as soon as possible.

The group of inter-modal transportations is one of leaders in the transport service of "SI-TRANS" holding as in the process of its operation it combines the efforts of all departments. The group of inter-modal transportations ensures delivery of cargoes by several modes of transport, with their transshipment at points of transshipment from one mode of transport to other without participation of the cargo holder.

Inter-modal transportation is a complex action and requires universal knowledge from the officers of the group.

Operation of the system of inter-modal transportations is ensured by the following groups:

  • planning group;
  • information group;
  • control group.

Due to high professionalism of the entire personnel of the service of inter-modal transportations the consignor can always reckon on timely delivery of the cargo irrespective of the number of transshipments.

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