Providing transport and forwarding services, "SI-TRANS" holding tries to protect its Clients from all kinds of material risks. That is why insurance of cargoes through the largest insurance companies “Loyd”, “Rosgosstrakh” and “Rossia” is one of main types of additional services.

Insurance as a mechanism, by which the Customer (Insurant) evades financial consequences of the risk for himself and transfers them to the insurance company (insurer). Due to the long-term communication and business cooperation only with reliable and approved insurance companies "SI-TRANS" holding ensures guaranteed reimbursement of material damage in case of occurrence of insured events.

The peculiarities of insurance of cargoes include:

  • free transfer of the policy;
  • opportunity to insure the cargo above its cost at the moment of conclusion of the insurance contract;
  • opportunity to insure under the general (open) policy.

When the insurance contract is concluded, the attracted specialists of insurance companies provide extensive consultations.

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