Custody of joint cargoes

International transportation of joint cargoes is the most demanded type of services, rendered by “SI-TRANS” holding.

The process of organization of international transportations of joint cargoes includes several constituents, established relations between which ensure positive results of operation of the transport company. Custody of cargoes is one of such constituents.

Delivery of the cargo from the supplier to the consignee presupposes intermediate completion of the goods in lots, which takes some time. This question becomes acute in organization of international transportations of joint cargoes, especially if road transportations are one of types of delivery. Under the conditions of modern competition it is often unprofitable for the cargo owners to keep a lot of technical staff and expensive warehouse equipment, moreover, if the cargo is stored on the territory of other country. That is why transfer of these non-key functions by the cargo owner to third party companies, specializing in custody of the cargo, becomes urgent. In this case the considerable technical base and great experience of the officers of “SI-TRANS” will help to transport the joint cargo most effectively.

hen the cargo custody agreement is concluded, “SI-TRANS” provides such warehouse services as loading and unloading to the Customer. The services of consolidation warehouses can include the following in case of transportation of joint cargoes:

  • Repackaging and completion of orders,
  • Insurance of cargoes,
  • Execution of export documents.

The complex of services can include assistance in customs clearances of cargoes, delivery of the joint cargo based on “door-to-door” system.

Favorable territorial position of a lot of proprietary warehouses in Asia and Europe, availability of modern equipment and appliances, prompt consolidation of joint cargoes can be pointed out among advantages of custody in consolidation warehouses of the transport and forwarding holding “SI-TRANS”.

We guarantee safety of your cargo.

We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful.

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