Joint cargoes from Europe

Delivery of joint cargoes (small lots) from Europe is one of priorities in operation of our company. We’ll deliver your cargo of any volume and weight from any point of Europe following the “door-to-door” principle.

Carrying out transportation with us, you will be aware, where your cargo is. Your personal manager will always be ready to inform you of the progress of transportation.

Long-term partnership relations with transport companies, as well big and regular volume of transported cargo allow to offer optimal prices of transportation to our clients. We work out individual tariffs for regular customers.

Consolidation warehouses in Europe

  • Germany (Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg)
  • Italy (Brescia, Fermo)
  • Latvia (Riga)
  • Turkey (Istanbul)

full range of logistic services

  • We’ll help to solve all problems with foreign suppliers
  • We’ll render required services on customs clearance of cargoes in countries of dispatch
  • We’ll insure your cargo
  • We’ll help to solve problems with certification authorities
  • We’ll render required services on customs clearance of cargoes on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • We’ll deliver the goods to your warehouse in Russia

The team of our company consists of highly responsible professionals, who will answer all your questions.

+7 (495) 981 85 85

Delivery time

We understand how important not only reliable, but quick delivery of small lots of cargoes is for our clients. That is why we strictly observe cargo delivery time, which allows our clients to schedule goods supply and shipment time in advance.

Delivery of joint cargoes from Germany - 14 days

Cargoes from all regions of Germany, as well Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, northern France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, are concentrated in warehouses in Germany.

Delivery of joint cargoes from Italy - 14 days

The main consolidation warehouse in Italy is located in Brescia, here cargoes from northern and central Italy, as well as from southern France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, are concentrated. The second warehouse is located in Fermo; it takes lots of the cargo from Marche, as well as from southern and central Italy. The cargo from this warehouse is regularly brought to the main warehouse in Brescia.

The cargo goes from the warehouse in Brescia to Moscow regularly by weekly service.

Delivery of joint cargoes from Baltic countries - 9 days

In Baltic countries our consolidation warehouse is located in Riga, Latvia.

Here cargoes from all Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, as well as Finland and Poland, are collected.

Delivery of cargoes from Riga is carried out regularly by weekly service.

Delivery of joint cargoes from Turkey - 14 days

Our company has two warehouses in Istanbul. The first one, located on the Asian side of the city is the main warehouse, where goods are stored and trucks are loaded. The second one, office-warehouse, was opened for the clients, shipping the goods from Laleli-Aksaray. For convenience of our clients small lots of the goods are taken to this warehouse daily, which are brought to the main warehouse in the same evening. Besides, our company can organize pickup of the cargo from any point of Turkey.

Delivery of cargoes takes 14 days after the truck left Istanbul. Trucks go twice a week.

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