Export from Russia

"SI-TRANS" Group of Companies is an international transport and forwarding holding, performing export transportations from the supplier’s warehouse to the place of destination within the shortest time.

Taking part in foreign economic activity, "SI-TRANS" holding marked a separate area in its work – export transportations. Relying on research in the field of economics and logistics, specialists of the export department developed an effective form of servicing of their Customers.

Complex approach to solution of emerging tasks is the basis for reduction of rates for export transportations. Having combined customs and transport services, the rate calculation group achieved considerable reduction of the cost of all constituents of export delivery of cargoes. Besides, maintaining close relation with all subdivisions of “SI-TRANS” holding, the officers of the export department can get prompt and reliable information under fast-changing conditions.

Clear organization of labor, knowledge of duties and high professionalism of the officers of the export department provide their Customers with the most favorable conditions in export transportation of cargoes.

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