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Forwarding of cargoes

International transport and forwarding company “SI-TRANS” carries out transportation of any kinds of import and export cargoes by all transport modes and offers their clients prompt solution of all problems, connected with their foreign economic activity.

Combining a lot of different operations, related to transportation of cargoes, we offer you the single service – forwarding of cargoes.

With favorable tariffs the professional team of “SI-TRANS” will organize and carry out high quality delivery of the cargo from the supplier to the customer within the shortest time, guaranteeing reliability of transportations and safety of the cargo to you.

Services, rendered to the consignor and consignee by the forwarder of “SI-TRANS”:

  • Participation in negotiations on conclusion of the contracts of purchase and sale of goods:
    • Forwarder’s assistance in selection of transport conditions, transport facilities, terms of supply of goods with enforcement of safety of goods, timely and cost-efficient delivery.
  • Execution of documents, acceptance and issue of cargoes:
    • Execution of shipping and forwarding and other documents and a set of transportation documents;
    • Presentation for transportation and issue of cargoes at the stations (in the ports) of destination.
  • Delivery and pickup of cargoes.
  • Handling and warehousing services:
    • Loading/unloading of cargoes;
    • Storage of cargoes;
    • Marking and packaging of cargoes;
    • Acceptance and issue of the goods, inspection of the cargo;
  • Information services:
    • Notification of the consignee of shipment of cargoes, of movement of the cargo, of crossing of the state border by the cargo;
    • Notification of the consignee of approach and arrival to the station (port) of destination;
    • Tracking of movement of the cargo from the station (port) of dispatch to the station (port) of destination;
    • Notification of the consignor of delivery of the cargo to the consignee;
  • Preparation and additional equipment of transport facilities.
  • Insurance of cargoes:
    • Preparation and conclusion of the insurance contract;
    • Payment of insurance contributions;
    • Execution of documents in case of occurrence of the insured event and receipt of insurance indemnification.
  • Payment and financial services:
    • Registration and payment of carriage charges and dues;
    • Execution of settlement operations for other works.
  • Customs clearance of cargoes and transport vehicles:
    • Declaration of cargoes in customs authorities;
    • Consultations;
    • Execution of the state customs declaration and accompanying documents for the cargo;
    • Execution of payments on customs dues.
  • Other transport and forwarding services.

any years’ work experience of “SI-TRANS” holding, high qualification of the personnel and extensive network of representative offices all over the world ensure high quality services in the field of forwarding and transportation of cargoes.

We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful.

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