Services of the customs broker

Providing the entire range of services on transportation, "SI-TRANS" holding offers in addition to the service – customs clearance of cargoes, transported by all transport modes.

Qualified specialists will perform all required actions on customs clearance of any types of the cargo. The executed work concerns all operations of foreign economic activity:

  • import;
  • export;
  • other customs regimes.

The standard package of customs services includes assistance:

  • in execution of export operations;
  • in execution of import operations;
  • in handling and customs clearance of cargoes;
  • in placement of cargoes in customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses;
  • in receipt of different certificates, licenses and other permit documents, connected with customs clearance;
  • in execution of foreign trade contracts;
  • in calculation of optimal customs duties and taxes;

In case of transportation of the cargo across the borders of the states (import, export, transit) the required customs clearance can be assumed both by the cargo owner and by the customs broker. As new amendments and laws often appear in the customs legislation, in connection with routine bureaucratic obstacles and unknown nuances, it is rational to entrust work on customs clearance to the professional. In this case export and import of cargoes become simpler and more effective. Ties, adjusted by “SI-TRANS" group and schemes of customs clearance, developed and verified for many times by our clients, will help to make your foreign economic activity profitable and efficient.

Carrying out international transportation of cargoes, it will be more convenient for the Customer to enjoy the services of "SI-TRANS" as the single supplier. Extensive network of representative offices allows to select the optimally convenient place for customs clearance. Permanent practice and great experience of our specialists will ensure quick and competent execution of documents for customs operations and will save the total time of cargo transportation.

A special contract, regulating relation between the client and the broker, will serve as the guarantor that the services of the customs broker will be rendered with good quality and professionalism.

In our work we offer an individual approach to each client in compliance with his requirements and wishes, as well as take into account the specific features of the transported cargo. Our specialists are ready to represent and to defend the client’s interests on all questions of customs clearance.

We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful.

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